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30 Best Things to Do in Sioux Falls (SD)

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of exciting destinations, but this charming city has plenty to offer. From picturesque parks to cultural attractions, there are countless things to see and do in Sioux Falls. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or foodie, you’ll find something to suit your interests in this vibrant Midwestern city.

Best Things to Do in Sioux Falls (SD)

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Things to Do in Sioux Falls
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1. Falls Park

No trip to Sioux Falls is complete without a visit to Falls Park. This stunning natural wonder is the heart and soul of the city, with its cascading waterfalls and picturesque walking trails. Take a leisurely stroll along the river, snap some photos of the falls, or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

2. SculptureWalk Sioux Falls

Art enthusiasts will love exploring the SculptureWalk, an outdoor art exhibit that showcases a rotating collection of sculptures by local and international artists. Take a self-guided tour and marvel at the creativity and talent on display.

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3. Great Plains Zoo

Animal lovers will delight in a visit to the Great Plains Zoo. Home to over 1,000 animals from around the world, this family-friendly attraction offers an up-close and personal experience with a variety of species. Don’t miss the opportunity to feed the giraffes!

4. Washington Pavilion

If you’re interested in the arts, a trip to the Washington Pavilion is a must. This cultural hub features a science center, art galleries, and a performing arts theater. Catch a show, explore the interactive exhibits, or admire the works of local artists.

5. Butterfly House & Aquarium

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at the Butterfly House & Aquarium. Walk among thousands of butterflies in the enchanting butterfly garden, or marvel at the colorful marine life in the aquarium. It’s a truly magical experience for visitors of all ages.

6. Sioux Falls Bike Trails

Get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors on the Sioux Falls Bike Trails. With over 26 miles of paved trails, it’s the perfect way to explore the city and take in the scenic views. Rent a bike and embark on a leisurely ride or challenge yourself to a longer trek.

7. Old Courthouse Museum

History buffs won’t want to miss the Old Courthouse Museum. Housed in a beautiful 19th-century building, this museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of Sioux Falls and the surrounding region. Explore the exhibits, learn about the pioneers, and step back in time.

8. Strawbale Winery

Indulge in some wine tasting at the Strawbale Winery. Located just outside of Sioux Falls, this charming winery offers a variety of wines made from locally grown fruits. Take a tour of the vineyard, sample the delicious wines, and enjoy the peaceful countryside.

9. Sertoma Butterfly House

If you can’t get enough of butterflies, make sure to visit the Sertoma Butterfly House. This indoor tropical garden is home to hundreds of butterflies from around the world. Learn about their life cycle, watch them hatch from their cocoons, and even hold a butterfly in your hand.

10. The Outdoor Campus

Experience the great outdoors at The Outdoor Campus. This nature center offers a range of educational programs and activities for all ages. Learn about local wildlife, try your hand at fishing, or go for a hike on one of the scenic trails.

11. Pettigrew Home & Museum

Step into the past at the Pettigrew Home & Museum. This historic house museum was once the residence of Richard F. Pettigrew, a prominent South Dakota senator. Take a guided tour and learn about life in the late 19th century.

12. Catfish Bay Water Ski Park

Catch a thrilling water ski show at Catfish Bay Water Ski Park. Watch as skilled performers showcase their talents on the water, performing daring stunts and impressive tricks. It’s a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family.

13. Sioux Empire Fair

If you’re visiting Sioux Falls in the summer, don’t miss the Sioux Empire Fair. This annual event features live music, carnival rides, agricultural exhibits, and delicious fair food. It’s a fun-filled celebration of the local community and culture.

14. Great Bear Recreation Park

Embrace the winter season at Great Bear Recreation Park. This outdoor recreation area offers skiing, snowboarding, and tubing opportunities for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll have a blast on the slopes.

15. Sioux Falls Skyforce

Catch a basketball game with the Sioux Falls Skyforce. This NBA G League team provides an exciting and affordable sports entertainment option. Cheer on the home team and experience the thrill of live basketball action.

16. Wild Water West

Cool off on a hot summer day at Wild Water West. This water park features thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. It’s the perfect place to beat the heat and have some fun in the sun.

17. Delbridge Museum of Natural History

Explore the wonders of the natural world at the Delbridge Museum of Natural History. From dinosaur fossils to Native American artifacts, this museum has something for everyone. Learn about the rich natural history of the region and discover fascinating exhibits.

18. Terrace Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at Terrace Park. This tranquil park offers beautiful gardens, walking paths, and a serene pond. Pack a picnic and spend a relaxing afternoon surrounded by nature.

19. Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival

If you’re a music lover, don’t miss the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival. This annual event showcases talented musicians from around the country, performing a variety of jazz and blues genres. Enjoy the music, dance the night away, and soak up the lively atmosphere.

20. Empire Mall

Shop ’til you drop at the Empire Mall. With over 180 stores, including major retailers and boutique shops, it’s a shopper’s paradise. Take a break from shopping and grab a bite to eat at one of the mall’s many restaurants.

21. Thunder Road

Have some family-friendly fun at Thunder Road. This amusement park offers go-karts, mini-golf, batting cages, and more. Race against your friends, test your putting skills, and enjoy a day of laughter and excitement.

22. Sioux Falls Bike Share

If you don’t have a bike of your own, don’t worry. Sioux Falls has a bike share program that allows you to rent a bike for a short period of time. Explore the city on two wheels and discover hidden gems along the way.

23. Veterans’ Memorial Park

Pay tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the military at Veterans’ Memorial Park. This beautiful park features memorials and statues honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Take a moment to reflect and show your appreciation.

24. Sioux Falls Trolley

Take a ride on the Sioux Falls Trolley and see the city from a different perspective. This charming trolley offers narrated tours of the city’s historic sites and landmarks. Sit back, relax, and let the trolley take you on a journey through time.

25. Old Yankton Trail

Walk in the footsteps of pioneers on the Old Yankton Trail. This historic trail follows the route of the original wagon road that connected Sioux Falls to Yankton. Enjoy a leisurely hike and imagine what life was like for early settlers.

26. Strawbale Winery Concert Series

Experience live music in a unique setting at the Strawbale Winery Concert Series. This outdoor concert venue hosts a variety of talented musicians throughout the summer months. Sip on a glass of wine, listen to great music, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

27. Sioux Falls Stampede

Cheer on the Sioux Falls Stampede, the local United States Hockey League team. Hockey fans will love watching these talented young players showcase their skills on the ice. Join in the excitement and support the home team.

28. Outdoor Campus West

Discover the wonders of nature at the Outdoor Campus West. This nature center offers educational programs and exhibits that focus on the wildlife and ecosystems of the western part of South Dakota. Learn about the unique flora and fauna of the region.

29. Sioux Falls Greenway

Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the Sioux Falls Greenway. This scenic trail system follows the banks of the Big Sioux River, offering beautiful views and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the area.

30. Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland

Experience the magic of winter at Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland. This annual event features ice skating, sledding, and holiday light displays. Bundle up and embrace the winter wonderland that Sioux Falls becomes during the holiday season.

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Sioux Falls may not be the most well-known tourist destination, but it’s certainly worth a visit. With its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and friendly Midwestern charm, there’s something for everyone in this hidden gem of a city. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to explore the 30 best things to do in Sioux Falls!

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