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30 Best Things to Do in Markham (Ontario, Canada)

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Welcome to Markham, Ontario, Canada! This vibrant city is located just north of Toronto and offers a plethora of exciting activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, Markham has something to offer everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 30 best things to do in Markham.

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1. Explore the Historic Main Street

Start your Markham adventure by taking a stroll down Main Street. This charming street is lined with historic buildings, unique shops, and delicious restaurants. Don’t forget to snap a photo at the iconic Markham Village Arch!

2. Visit the Markham Museum

Step back in time at the Markham Museum. This open-air museum showcases the history and heritage of Markham through interactive exhibits and beautifully restored buildings. It’s a great place to learn about the city’s agricultural past.

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3. Indulge in Asian Cuisine at Pacific Mall

If you’re a foodie, you can’t miss a visit to Pacific Mall. This bustling Asian shopping center is home to a wide variety of restaurants serving authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai cuisine. Don’t forget to try some delicious bubble tea!

4. Take a Hike at Milne Dam Conservation Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature at Milne Dam Conservation Park. This beautiful park offers scenic hiking trails, picnic areas, and a picturesque pond where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Art enthusiasts will love a visit to the Varley Art Gallery. This contemporary art gallery showcases a diverse range of Canadian art and hosts rotating exhibitions throughout the year. Be sure to check out their schedule for any upcoming events or workshops.

6. Shop ’til You Drop at CF Markville

If shopping is your passion, CF Markville is the place to be. This premier shopping mall features a wide selection of stores, including high-end fashion brands, electronics, home decor, and more. Treat yourself to a shopping spree!

7. Try Your Luck at OLG Slots at Woodbine

Feeling lucky? Head over to OLG Slots at Woodbine and try your hand at the slot machines. This popular entertainment destination offers a thrilling gaming experience and is a great place to spend a night out with friends.

8. Attend a Live Performance at the Flato Markham Theatre

Catch a show at the Flato Markham Theatre. This state-of-the-art performance venue hosts a wide variety of events, including concerts, plays, dance performances, and comedy shows. Check their schedule for upcoming performances!

9. Discover the Past at Markham Heritage Estates

Step into the past at Markham Heritage Estates. This collection of historic buildings, including the Markham Museum and the McKay Art Centre, offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and heritage. Take a guided tour to learn more about the fascinating stories behind these landmarks.

10. Enjoy a Round of Golf at Angus Glen Golf Club

Tee off at Angus Glen Golf Club, one of Canada’s top-rated golf courses. This championship course offers two 18-hole courses, stunning views, and world-class facilities. Golf enthusiasts will definitely want to add this to their itinerary.

11. Have Fun at Markham Pan Am Centre

If you’re looking for some active fun, head over to the Markham Pan Am Centre. This state-of-the-art sports facility offers a variety of recreational activities, including swimming, basketball, badminton, and more. Get your heart pumping and have a blast!

12. Explore the Rouge National Urban Park

Discover the beauty of nature at Rouge National Urban Park. This expansive park offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, birdwatching, canoeing, and camping. It’s a true paradise for nature lovers.

13. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Old Firehall Confectionery

Indulge in some delicious treats at Old Firehall Confectionery. This charming shop offers a wide selection of handmade chocolates, candies, and ice cream. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

14. Learn about Science at the Ontario Science Centre

Embark on a journey of discovery at the Ontario Science Centre. This interactive museum features hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, and IMAX movies that will ignite your curiosity and make learning fun for all ages.

15. Attend a Festival or Event

Markham is known for its vibrant festivals and events throughout the year. From the Markham Fair to the Night It Up! Night Market, there’s always something exciting happening in the city. Check the event calendar to see what’s coming up during your visit.

16. Visit the Markham Public Library

Escape into the world of books at the Markham Public Library. This modern library offers a vast collection of books, magazines, and digital resources. It’s the perfect place to relax, read, and expand your knowledge.

17. Play a Game of Laser Tag at Laser Quest

Gather your friends and challenge them to a thrilling game of laser tag at Laser Quest. This action-packed attraction is perfect for adrenaline junkies and those looking for a fun group activity.

18. Explore the Markham Village Conservation Area

Take a leisurely stroll through the Markham Village Conservation Area. This serene park features walking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful gardens. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

19. Go Ice Skating at the Markham Centennial Centre

Strap on your skates and hit the ice at the Markham Centennial Centre. This indoor ice rink offers public skating sessions and is a popular spot for both beginners and experienced skaters.

Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery. This gallery showcases the works of renowned Canadian artist Frederick Horsman Varley and hosts exhibitions that celebrate the diversity of Canadian art.

21. Enjoy a Picnic at Toogood Pond Park

Pack a picnic and head to Toogood Pond Park. This picturesque park features a tranquil pond, lush green spaces, and picnic areas. It’s the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a meal, and soak up the natural beauty.

22. Take a Yoga Class at a Local Studio

Unwind and rejuvenate with a yoga class at one of Markham’s local studios. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll find a variety of classes to suit your needs and help you find inner peace.

23. Explore the Markham Village Library

Visit the Markham Village Library and immerse yourself in a world of books and knowledge. This modern library offers a cozy reading area, study spaces, and a wide selection of books for all ages.

24. Go Bowling at Markham Bowl

Have a fun-filled evening of bowling at Markham Bowl. This family-friendly bowling alley offers multiple lanes, arcade games, and a snack bar. It’s a great place to spend quality time with friends and family.

25. Discover the Unionville Main Street

Take a trip to Unionville Main Street and experience its old-world charm. This historic street is lined with boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. Don’t miss the beautiful Toogood Pond and the iconic Unionville Clock Tower.

26. Attend a Concert at the Markham Fairgrounds

Enjoy live music and entertainment at the Markham Fairgrounds. This sprawling venue hosts a variety of concerts and events throughout the year. Check their schedule for upcoming performances.

27. Visit the Markham Village Community Centre

Stay active and have fun at the Markham Village Community Centre. This modern facility offers a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming, fitness classes, and sports programs.

28. Have a Relaxing Spa Day

Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa day in Markham. The city is home to several spas that offer a variety of treatments and services, from massages to facials. Treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care.

29. Explore the Markham Farmers’ Market

Support local farmers and artisans at the Markham Farmers’ Market. This vibrant market offers a wide selection of fresh produce, baked goods, handmade crafts, and more. It’s a great place to shop for unique and locally sourced products.

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30. Enjoy a Delicious Meal at a Local Restaurant

End your Markham adventure with a delicious meal at one of the city’s many local restaurants. From international cuisine to farm-to-table dining, you’ll find a wide variety of options to satisfy your taste buds.

Markham, Ontario, Canada, is a city that truly has it all. From historic landmarks to natural beauty, exciting activities to delicious food, there’s no shortage of things to do and explore. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Markham!

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